Industrial Greases
Petronas Grease LiX EP 2/170
PETRONAS Grease LiX EP 2/170
Long description:

PETRONAS Grease LiX EP 2/170 is an extreme pressure Lithium complex grease specifically developed for commercial vehicle applications and a wide variety of industry applications.

Grease Soap Type - Only for IML-Grease:
NLGI - Only for IML-Grease: 2
Industry Specifications:DIN 51502 KP2N-20 ISO 12924 L-XB(F)DIB2
Approvals / Meet Requirement - Only for IML:GC-LB
Performance level:Neutral
Sector(s) - For Businesses page: Cement, Construction, General Manufacturing, Paper & Pulp, Power Generation (coal), Power Generation (nuclear), RailRoad, Steel, Sugar, Surface Mining, Underground Mining