Industrial Greases
Petronas Grease LiCa GEP 2.5
PETRONAS Grease LiCa GEP 2.5
Long description:

PETRONAS Grease LiCa GEP 2.5 is an extreme pressure Lithium Calcium grease with solid additives specially developed for lubrication of open gears, racks, chains, wire ropes, support rollers, slidesand sprockets.

Grease Soap Type - Only for IML-Grease:
NLGI - Only for IML-Grease: 2.5
Industry Specifications:DIN 51502 OGPF2.5K-20 ISO 12924 L-XB(F)CIB2.5
Performance level:Neutral
Sector(s) - For Businesses page: Cement, Construction, General Manufacturing, Paper & Pulp, Power Generation (coal), Power Generation (nuclear), RailRoad, Sugar, Surface Mining, Underground Mining