Industrial Greases
Petronas Grease Clay MG
Long description:

PETRONAS Grease CLAY MG is a high temperature Organophilic Bentonite grease with solid lubricant specially developed for heavy duty industrial equipment with slow speed plain bearings where the capability of conventional greases may be exceeded by either continuous high temperature or cyclic conditions from normal to extremely high temperatures.

Grease Soap Type - Only for IML-Grease:
NLGI - Only for IML-Grease: 1
Industry Specifications:DIN 51502 OGF1K-10 ISO 12924 L-XA(F)CHB1
Performance level:Neutral
Sector(s) - For Businesses page: Cement, Construction, Paper & Pulp, Power Generation (coal), Power Generation (nuclear), RailRoad, Sugar, Surface Mining, Underground Mining