Petronas Urania

PETRONAS Urania with ViscGuard™ is a range of high quality engine oils formulated to effectively guard against engine deposits build-up and maintain optimal oil viscosity for longer engine life.


The Silent Killers (Engine Deposits)

Making sure your commercial vehicles are always on the move is your number one priority for a simple reason – they are the lifeblood of your business. Engine deposits build-up occur in your commercial vehicle engine when you operate under severe operating conditions. They are the silent killers of your truck’s engine that will cause breakdown and lead to unplanned downtime, preventing you from meeting commitments and increase total cost of ownership.

PETRONAS Urania with ViscGuard™

PETRONAS Urania with ViscGuard™ is formulated to effectively to guard against engine’s silent killers (engine deposits), preventing abrasive wear and oxidation to maintain optimal oil viscosity. It safeguards your commercial vehicle’s most valuable asset- the engine, and keeps it going for longer.