A Winning Partnership
Petronas lubricants

Our collaboration is key to not only developing talent in motorsports, but also to improving our technological expertise. In the same way Formula One becomes the test environment for automotive lubricants, the MotoGP becomes our test environment for motorcycle lubricants, on the track and on the road.

Success in the MotoGP will be instrumental to proving our winning formula and pave the way for building a stronger affinity towards PETRONAS’ motorcycle lubricants.

PETRONAS Sprinta with UltraFlex™ technology is tested in an extreme racing environment showcasing how it can help resist the stress your bike goes through every day.

We entered the Motorcycle racing field with a long-running partnership with Raceline Malaysia, sponsoring Hafizh Abdullah and helping him to finish in the top 10 positions in 10 Grand Prix.

We enjoyed major achievements whilst partnering with Yamaha and the MotoGP from 2009 to 2012, sharing values and passion with their racing team.

Our successes in this arena have helped to develop an innovative and outstanding product used on the track and on the road.